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Decorate Your Front Doorway for Every Holiday

The look and feel of your front doorway says a lot about your house. If you decorate your porch for each holiday throughout the year, passerby will stop and admire your celebratory spirit—and maybe snap a picture or two.

Whether you choose to decorate your outdoor entryway so you can experience and appreciate each holiday to the nth degree, or so that your house becomes the number one trending pin on Pinterest, there are bounteous ways to make your doorway undergo minor or major holiday transformations for each special day of the year.

Valentine’s Day – February 14

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show an unadulterated level of love and adoration for your special someone—and you can use your front door to do just that. You can decorate your door to remind your husband know how much you treasure him, remind your children know how much you care, and remind your neighbours how much you appreciate them.


Wreaths—especially in the bright pink and reds of Valentine’s—add a pop of colour to any porch. Valentine’s wreaths usually come in the shape of hearts, but there are other shapes you can try as well.

  • L.O.V.E circle wreath – Cut out the four different letters in red or pink fabric. Let your children help you glue and sew on colourful beads, sparkly glitter, and other fun decorations. Connect each letter with a circular wire so that the word “LOVE” is displayed in a never-ending loop.

  • Candy heart wreath – Candy hearts are a staple of Valentine’s Day. Not only do candy hearts add to the sweetness of the year’s sweetest day, they also add a fun option for home décor. After you’ve purchased a bag or two of candy hearts, paint a circular foam board pink and then use hot glue to glue the candy hearts onto the board. Once you’ve finished, spray the wreath with clear spray paint so birds and other critters aren’t tempted to spoil themselves with candy hearts.

Wreaths are easy to make and fun to look at. Get creative and make the perfect—and pinkest—wreath for your front doorway.

Heart Strings

To make heart strings for your front door or windows you need the following:

  • Red and pink yarn

  • Paper hearts in a wide range of sizes

  • Staples

Heart strings are one of the simplest decorations you can make for Valentine’s Day. First, lay each strand of yarn (about 5 feet in length) on the ground. Next, place the paper hearts at different spots along the yarn. Once all the paper hearts are in place, staple them so they become attached to the yarn. Hang the heart strings from your front doorway or windows so guests have a perfect view when approaching your home.

Canada Day – July 1

O, Canada! Canada Day is the national holiday of Canada. You can celebrate your home country with this simple decoration that packs a punch.


Hang a windsock from your front door knob or from one of the sconces on your porch. To make a Canadian-themed windsock, you need the following:

  • Red and white construction paper

  • Red and white yarn

  • Red and white streamers

Cut strips of the construction paper and staple each strip (red, white, red, white) together. Once three or four strips have been stapled together, make them into an oval shape and staple each end together. Next, take long strands of each streamer and glue or stable the strands so they hang vertically from the oval. Weave one foot of the yarn (in each colour) together and staple each end to the top of the oval. Hang the yarn on a door knob or sconce and—voila!—you have a windsock.

Halloween – October 31

Halloween is the one holiday where everyone can dress up, let loose, and celebrate. While most people go overboard on Halloween decorations, you can find little ways to amp up your porch (without draining your wallet) with the following decorations.

  • Doormat – Add a spooky touch to your door and spray paint a doormat with the word “BOO.”

  • Pumpkins – You don’t even need to carve or paint your porch pumpkins. Instead, line up pumpkins on each side of your door to add a little holiday pizzazz to your porch.

Christmas – December 25

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and it’s time to decorate for it. The entire Christmas season oozes with celebrations and good cheer. There are a number of ways to decorate your front door and porch for Christmas, but the easiest ones include the following:

  • Ice skates – Hang a pair of vintage ice skates from a wreath made of lush greens.

  • Bows – Tie bows around the staircase leading up to your door, around pillars lining your porch, or around your door knob.

  • Lush greenery – Line your door with greenery to add colour and scent to your front entryway.

It doesn’t take much more than some skates, bows, and greenery to transform your home just in time for the arrival of Old Saint Nicolas.

Simple door and porch decorations add personality to your home and remind your guests how much there is to celebrate year-round. Try decorating your door for each different holiday so you can experience happiness and good cheer during every season of the year.


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